Have a bike and will Travel… Free Eco-friendly local delivery

[*to the theme track of these boots were made for walking*] ‘This bike was made for riding, and riding is what it will do, one of these days this bike is going to ride its way to you….’ Whahoo!!!

To show that there are some benefits to Soulsong Avalon moving into the hood, I am now offering my lovely neighbours, an eco-footprint-free mid-week lcoal delivery to those living in the suburbs in Newcastle of: Mayfield, Maryville, Islington, Hamilton, Wickham and Tighes Hill.

Having just moved to a new home, I know how scrumptious it is to lock the door and settle into your sofa, without a thought for getting up again. Who really wants to have to lift a finger or even go out of your cosy, warm house to buy something – unless of course it’s toilet paper.

I get it.

Let’s be honest, you can’t always make it to the markets – sadly some weekends there are even better things to do….  [side note, Carrington Village market is booked for 13 May, and hopefully you’ll also soon see me at the Farmers Market]

So hey, am happy to jump on my bike and deliver, fuelled by a bit of elbow grease and good old-fashioned effort, there are some perks to buying local.

I do apologize to those living further away, riding my deadly treadly all the way to Perth or even to Sydney isn’t on my list of things to do, not that kinda girl…For everyone further a field, Sendle does a stellar job of picking it up at my door and bring it to yours.

So, if you’d like some magical Comfrey in your life: the all-purpose, all-natural go to Comfrey Ointment or Face/ Body Oil,  or you just like getting something for free – give me a shout.

You can message, email or call me, or order online using code HEYNEIGHBOUR

So hey, am off to go get my bike on… ;) or on my bike…