Health Secret #1 Oil Pulling: for amazing teeth

coconutI was at the dentist the other day who was commenting on the surprisingly good health of my teeth and gums, and thought I’d enlighten him to Oil pulling, sadly he was too convinced, yet the proof is in the teeth I would say.

Oil pulling is something I picked it up years ago and completely swear by it, it helps to detoxify the body as well as keeps your teeth pearly white and gums clean and healthy. So what is oil pulling? actually it’s more like Oil swirling… it’s an ayurveda treatment whereby as soon as you get up you put some oil in your mouth and then gently swirl and push it around for 10-20 minutes.  This is done to get ride of the toxins that build up in our mouth overnight, from our body as it works to detoxify (we’ve all had the furry mouth feeling after a night out).  The trick is in the oil and I’ve tried most all of them, and have settled on coconut oil, it easily melts, tastes good and isn’t too over powering.  It now also readily available and organic.  I follow this by rinsing with Himalayan salt and warm water before brushing as per normal.  And voilà, it really is that simple – I can feel and taste the difference on how clean my teeth feels day after day – and as my dentist confirmed, they simply are exceptionally healthy.

On top of this it’s cheap, little effort big returns, Definitely worth a try!