How much time and money do we waste on Natural skin care?

Do you remember, back in the day, when you were young? Did you ever wear too much make-up?  Did you ever go to bed without washing your make up off?  With a zero skin care routine…. Zero time and energy wasted at all.

And were you living as though that wrinkle-free face would last forever?

When you got to mid-20’s did you try to make up for it?  And have you ever spent more time and money on skin care products in some vain hope it would equalize any damage caused by your careless youth?

And now, you look at the cost and in the mirror and wonder if the cost and time spent is really making any difference…..

Skin Care What are those ingredients


Why would you test anything on me??

So now you have a chock-a-block skin care routine – and hear about a few toxic ingredients, brands that are tested on animals.  And surely you want to make conscious decisions and not hurt little furry bunnies in the process.

So you spend even more money to go all natural.

Yet, your bathroom cupboards bulge with the products you used just once but despite their empty promises or natural appeal was soon demoted to the back shelf.

Do we really need all this crap?

Yet you were feeling too guilty to throw them away. Maybe one day they’ll redeem themselves, although you know that to be unlikely.

Are you feeling any better, healthier and more beautiful?

Surely there is an easier, cheaper, simpler way?

Any which way, clear the bathroom – chuck out or give away what you aren’t using.

The Secret to great skin is right under our nose… hiding in our kitchen…

Not sure if you’ve ever calculated your skin care spend, spare the thought. I know, I for one used to use a pre-moisturising serum, 2 toners, skin peels, and at one time there was a 7 step routine…. Seriously, shoot me now…..

And yet, over time, I’ve just simplified and simplified and discovered the biggest and best changes to my skin was when I changed my diet – to eat more alkaline (more fresh greens, less acidic food).

I Got rid of all the expensive products, including make-up and settled one some very simple products.

In fact, my routine is so simple – I don’t even ‘wash’ my face…  you see using harsh washes and soaps robs our skin of our natural oils which do a pretty good job of balancing themselves out.

So now, it’s 1, 2, 3 go.

  1. Splash with water
  2. Splash with witch-hazel
  3. Massage in face oil

Green Drink

Voila, ready to rock and roll….  I do once a week give my face a scrub and on the 4 times a year I wear mascara or make-up I use my home-made body oil to cleanse that make-up off. But that’s it.

Good skin from the inside out.

One of the surprising factors I’ve found through detoxing and drinking my green alkaline drink*– is the effect it has on my skin.  It went from splotchy to even tone – and I ditched any foundation or blemish sticks.

Additional Easy affordable tips to great Naturally Healthy Skin:

  • Eat lots of veggies, herbs, and salad
  • Drink plenty of water (Chlorine and Flouride free)
  • Cut out sugar and caffeine
  • Ditch the smoking
  • St Ives apricot face scrub
  • Witch-hazel toner
  • Exercise
  • Spend time outside in Nature
  • Face massage / Exercise
  • Hat
  • BB cream (if you are going to use foundation, use a moisturising, vitamin protecting light one)

DIY ‘make it yourself’ Natural Skin Care, it’s too easy!

Toner:    I use either witch hazel which you can buy in the pharmacy and It’s good to go, there is even a rose scented one that I love from Thayers*.

Another simple recipe is to use 1 part apple cider vinegar, with 2 parts water, add a few drops of rose/ thyme/ tea tree essential oils.  This balances the PH levels of the skin, refreshes and tones the skin.  And of course,  the rest of the bottle is great on salads.

Face oil:  Choose a high-quality base oil, preferably an organic one such as Argan/ Hemp and add a few drops of essential oil.  Rose/ Neroli and Frankincense are great for the skin, if you have spots or oily skin use a drop a tea tree.

Body oil: Hemp/ Coconut oils are great for the body, and grapefruit essential oil is fabulous as it both uplifts your mood and detoxifies the skin.

Give your skin what it really wants, joy –

natural skin care

My Beautiful naturally happy friends

Really, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which is you!  We are all more beautiful when we smile when we have a bounce in our step – when we feel confident, alive and happy.

We are most likely to be feeling like this when we look after ourselves, practice self-care, eat healthily and think positively about ourselves.

If through this care that we have for ourselves we can get the right amount of sleep, speak out when stressed and exercise when needed.  Our bodies are our vessel through this lifetime and just as you would a new priceless car – we need to take care what we put onto and into our bodies.

When we do this, we naturally glow, and walk through life feeling and looking better.

It doesn’t need to cost the earth or take half the morning to get ready and have a self-care routine.

We don’t need to go back to our carefree 20-year-old self – who covered their insecurity with makeup…  We don’t need to spend thousand dollars a year on chemical ridden facial products or products that claim to be ‘Natural’.

We just need to be ourselves, take care of ourselves, and be happy….

Failing all of that, you are more than welcome to try my Eternal Serenity all Natural Face oil, or Bedouins Charm Body Oil.  ;)

But seriously – smile, live long, be happy.

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