Wouldn’t be great if there was a solution for ailments – that was easy, affordable without any nasty side effects…

Imagine, a magical world. A world where we could walk outside to our small patch of earth and pluck a few green leaves such as Horsetail, and use those leaves prevent illness and heal ailments.

All we needed grew right outside our door, a magical green world of plants, herbs, and trees.

It sounds like we’d be living on Pandora the magical world in the film Avatar, or Rivendell the home of the Elves from Lord of the Rings…a mystical faraway place….

Or is it?

In reality, this magical kingdom already exists. It is just that we have lost our connection to it. And no longer see or recognize it.

It is my belief, that mother nature in her wisdom would not give us an illness without providing us with a solution. Whether we know or have found that solution or not, is another story.

They burned the Herbalists of old and their knowledge burnt with them.

And well let’s be honest – Nature and plants don’t have a big marketing budget a research lab or a PR team. And as they’re hard to patent (read: *sell*), we have teams of scientists around the world trying to mimic their magic.

Yet there are clear examples, of how, if we work with nature we can prevent, support, provide relief or in some cases even cure illness.

One good example landed in my inbox yesterday. So, I’ve included the video below, in which the Health ranger (Mike Adams of Natural News) educates us on the benefits of Horsetail (Equisetum arvense).

Mike explains that through making a tea or infusion that it binds with the toxic aluminum in your system, and works to naturally remove it.

As research clearly shows aluminum to be linked to Dementia and Alzheimer’s, what better way to remove it by using a prehistoric plant that grows easily, cheaply and naturally.

While I use Horsetail, in my Comfrey ointment as part of my magic Comfrey blend for the healing, strengthening effects of the Silica, I am thrilled to see there are other benefits too. And as both Dementia and Alzheimers are high on my list of things to avoid – I think I might go and brew myself up a cup of Horsetail.

And as both Dementia and Alzheimers are high on my list of things to avoid – I think I might go and brew myself up a cup of Horsetail.

So you don’t ingest Aluminum??

For those of you, who might be thinking you don’t have any aluminum in your system… I hate to give you a bit of a reality check, it is near impossible to avoid it within our modern society.

It’s in everything from the air we breathe, the water we drink, our food and medicines that we ingest. A small example: Cans, smog, aluminum wrap, vaccines, deodorant, cosmetics, baking powder (goods cooked with baking powder, salt.

While you can’t avoid it, you can minimize it’s use by cutting it out where you can, and watch the video to learn more about Horsetail and how to use it:

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And big thank you to pixabay for use of their images!

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