comfrey_brewingBrewing up a new comfrey storm, it’s quite a bit of work the most strenuous is making sure it doesn’t boil – the oil is infused with all the delightfully delicious herbs for many hours, and then carefully blended with the other ingredients to create the magical ointment.  All the real credit of course goes to the herbs themselves, without which there would be very little healing.

This batch will be my Rose Comfrey all purpose Salve, which is looking for a new name, not sure if the Comfrey Rose Ointment is enticing enough.  The Salve is incredibly healing to makers/ creative working hands as I know the crafters like myself sometimes are looking for something to recharge and heal our joints (well I am at least, call it age – or maybe just too much crafting J, so looking for a soothing, lovely inspiring name for that – anyone has any suggestions be sure to let me know. – and for now back to the careful brewing of my lotions and potions. brewing_comfrey

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