I am not sure if you like me are looking for answers? I know for myself I am forever chasing the truth, answers, the why – what – where – how and when…. It’s never ending really.

Lately I’ve been a little lost, preoccupied with an ever-growing and never- ending to do list (it seems to propagate itself gorging on the crumbs of my diminishing memory).

On top of this the rather than the age of information, I feel we live in a world of dis-information, so I’ve been trying to use discernment as well as my curiosity for truth, to search for those ‘the answers’ – yes there we have it again more questions and answers.

And I am left feel I’ve been churning around on a hamster wheel going faster and faster; reading 10 webpages at once, reading 8 books, listening to 4 podcasts, watching youtube, gaiatv, printing off to do lists and really going no where at an ever increasing speed….

Is anyone else feeling it? Are you also running in circles?

Time is flying by, holly molly it’s now 2017 – what happened to 2014, 15 and 16…..  and still I am going around in circles.  If anyone has managed to catapult free of the wheel and fly of into a happily ever after, please let me know…..

Yesterday though, I was meditating – and the little (actually large – but little, in that I am able to ignore it) voice deep inside me was laughing.  Laughing at all my every crazy comical effort’s to find the answers, running as fast and far and wide as I can.

And yet, there they are – peacefully waiting – inside of me. They are not coming in an email, or there on the web, there maybe regurgitated parts of it in a few select books –very rarely you’ll come across a hint, a seed but mostly,  you won’t be told by others, definitely most unlikely place to find them is on TV or in a newspaper.

The answers, their there, inside you – yours, uniquely for you, totally free – exceptionally patient and ready for you to stop. Be quiet. Be open. Acknowledge/ hear and see them.

The Answers are/ were/ will be there – they’ve never been anywhere else. We often, in this crazy dazy upside down society, DON’T get taught where to look, nevertheless it’s like magic, their hidden in the most obvious yet unexpected of places, right inside you.

So this week, the top and only thing on my ‘to do’ list in very big text, is the advice:  ‘Stop, Breath, BE!  Know & Remember’.  So I’ve stepped off the hamster wheel for now, made myself a lovely cup of tea, sitting down and feeling the essence, the energy and answers of life and living.

It’s here, it’s me…..  Just have to remember to BE!

p.s.  it’s you too!!!! So remember to just stop and ‘BE’ a little this week.
If you are not sure about how, check out and look into: Eckhart Tolle/ Mindfullness

p.s.s. This is a little off topic as it’s not herb related, however as it is related to being, sanity and mental well being, I figured it deserved a spot on the blog.

p.s.s.s Although perhaps you are not looking for answers, in which case this whole post may be completely irrelevant – I just want to let you know for all other issues/ problems, Wayfarer’s Magic Comfrey Ointment works a treat ;-)  Go Comfrey!!!

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