The story behind the Herbal remedies: Shepherds Alchemy

Shepherd’s Alchemy was born in from the discovery that my everyday ‘Natural’ products were not so natural.

Shepherds alchemy

This waking moment came about while I was watching a documentary that asked the simple question ‘Would you drink petroleum?

Silly question, the skin is the largest organ of our body and absorbs whatever we smear onto it. Which is why I’d always spent good money on ‘Natural’ products. Of course, I wouldn’t drink petroleum!  Nor of course, would I put it on my skin.

This simple question made me check the products on my own bathroom shelf. Here, I found to my shock and horror that most of my ‘Natural’ expensive products had a petroleum base. They all went straight into the bin, and I started my quest for alternatives.

I extensively tested and researched the best natural nourishing non-toxic oils for the skin. And which Essential Oils best compliment them. Keeping it of high quality yet simple, these oils are now the basic ingredients for the products that I both use and sell today.

All my herbs love Comfrey – the best garden companion plant!

Once I returned to Australia, I ended up on an Organic Comfrey Farm.

I’d always had a general interest in herblore, and herbs have always played a part in my everyday remedies – yet I was  blown away by what I was learning and seeing first hand with Comfrey.

What can I say, it was love, and I’ve been growing, using and collaborating with Comfrey ever since. As a Nomad I also find it a happy coincidence that Comfrey is a guardian/ talisman to travellers.

I have no doubt this is due to its all-purpose healing abilities – making a perfect on the road first aid kit.

For this reason, it is both energetically and the curative ideal to be a star ingredient in the ‘Shepherd’s Alchemy’ range of products.

 My Aspiration is simply:

“To provide herbal remedies that support self-healing, allowing us to live longer, healthier and happier lives.  We have one body+ mind+ spirit+ planet – and it all merits our care, love, and appreciation.”

I deeply believe:

Since ages old, people in all cultures have travelled both far and wide working in harmony with Mother Nature her eternal wisdom and remedies.  At Soulsong Avalon, I aim to bring some of that old world wisdom, journeying and magic into our everyday modern life.

Simply because we and the world around us are Natural by Nature:

I believe, the body in all its wisdom knows how to heal itself, Mother Nature in all her wisdom knows what we need to support that process and how to provide relief along the way.

In collaborating with nature, we strengthen support and improve upon all aspects of our health for the long-term, with the least amount of risks and side effects.

Comfrey is an example of this:

Comfrey, key constituent is Allantoin, which is an anti-inflammatory and stimulates the growth of new skin cells, it allows the skin to retain its moisture that then soothes and softens the area; it is as though the herb itself is providing ‘the builder (us) with scaffold and some quick dry cement’ – thereby collaborating with our bodies natural healing abilities of the cells the needed relief and support to heal themselves faster than they would otherwise. Truly Magic!

At Soulsong Avalon:

Our Shepherds Alchemy range of herbal remedies are a ritual blending together of the natural worlds; herbal lore and divine wisdom, healing sound, aromatherapy for the soul, love and the pure intention, all carefully brought together to provide the most profound curative benefits. In turn, this then provides the right amount of relief and support to allow our bodies own journey of healing, regeneration, revitalization and joy.

Here’s what others are saying:

“My cousin is rapt with the comfrey. She said the relief she got was immediate and makes so much difference to her managing sleep. (she has bad arthritis in her hands). I am so pleased.



"Soulsong Avalon body oil is simply divine! Out of all the body oils I have tried, this is the only one that actually keeps my skin nourished and moisturised. Highly recommended."


If you also love, care for and appreciate your body and beautiful skin, and don’t want harmful ingredients in your products. Give some my products a try.  Follow the link here which will take you directly to my SHOP.

Or click through directly to one of our top products:

Wayfarers Magic: Comfrey All-Purpose Ointment =  Healing, Regenerative, Relieves Pain + Inflammation

Eternal Serenity: Face Oil;  Comfrey + Hemp + Argan = Nourishing, Smooth and Regenerative

Bedouin’s Charm: Body / Bath Oil; Comfrey + Coconut Oil & Grapefruit Essential Oil = Luxurious, Uplifting and Nourishing;

Sadhu Rose: Comfrey + Rose Balm = Healing, Soothing and Floral



Crochet too, and once in a while even finish a project, like this poncho!

Michelle van den Hout

Conscious – Creative – Nomad:

“I am continually inspired by the natural world’s magic, curative effects and endless beauty and therefore have an ongoing desire to work with nature and preserve its natural state”.

I’ve grown from a girl who just lay outside watching the grass grow, and the stars twinkle across our skies, to a teenager who studied herblore, Mother Nature and Druidism.

Today, I am more of a modern day wayfaring alchemist who believes that the body’s ability to self-heal itself is second to none. I am therefore forever working to find and blend nature’s finest old world wisdom, herbs, and magic to support the body’s natural healing abilities to address everyday issues in this modern life.

Greece, my 2nd trip abroad

As a nomad, I pick up life experiences and knowledge throughout my endless wanderings both far and wide. An eternal student of; living life, evolving consciousness, creative endeavors and everyday anthropology.

Am a wee bit of an imaginative follower of life’s incessant dreams…. Wherever they may lead me, which is near and far ;-)

When I am not busy chasing my dreams, tinkering with my herbs,  travelling/ moving to some exotic place far far away – you’ll find me and my cat (Miss Indigo Mae) keeping the sofa warm, reading a good book or watching a thought provoking movie and knitting/ crocheting something new, with a lovely cup of herbal tea with a wee bit of dark chocolate (just because it really is good for you!).

Gazing at Stars + Fire works: Happy 2012

You may also still find me outside, watching the grass and my comfrey grow. Swimming in the deep blue sea, and staying up late to watch the stars twinkle across the sky.

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