Health Secret # 3, Going Alkaline

alkalinedrinkIt was years ago that I was so energetically drained that my multi-vitamins and weekly massages just weren’t cutting it any more – that I started looking into my diet and came across the book by Dr. Young about the Alkaline diet. And hence thought I would give it a try, while it is hard to eat Alkaline the whole time, it did make me more conscious of adding more raw salad and vegetables to my food, eating more nuts and less processed food.  On top of this I have tested and tried all the Green Alkaline drinks on the market before settling on my favourite, for me this was a huge short cut to getting more off all the good greeness without having to just eat salad all day everyday – the one I love is the Orca Energy Greens, but feel free to go out there and find one that suits you.
As I said I do eat a healthy diet and I do wish and dream of having access to organic food all the time, that is high in their own mineral / vitamin content, however due to our soils and mass farming our food today has a much higher chemical component and lacks many of the nutrients and minerals that it used to have – which is why I decided to try the green powder – I am always happy to try something new, and then drop it if I don’t see or notice a difference. With going Alkaline I noticed it immediately in both my energy levels, and my skin that now has a much more even and healthy tone to it.   I also recommend The Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health: Restore Your Health by Creating pH Balance in Your Diet – for me it all made perfect sense, and I especially love him saying just add what you can to you diet, the more green and fresh it is the better – to be 100% Alkaline is hard to do, however any small incremental steps we can take to improve our diet and way of life, and these small steps and a bit of conscious living/ eating does make a difference.  I also think it helps when we are aware of our bodies and how the food and drink we ingest makes us feel, did that salad energize or did the burger add to or drain our energy… How does what we are doing make us feel, and as I believe all diets and foods affect us and our genetic history a little differently it’s worth noting and taking the effects on our bodies into account – working in harmony with our body is one of the first steps in being in harmony with life, and for me going alkaline was something that made and continues to make a difference.

I don’t normally recommend products, only when I know or feel and have tested the difference and quality it has made to my own life, if you’d like to try it at a discount, you can get a coupon via this link.  IHerb Orca Energy Greens

If not, just adding more greens and alkaline foods to your diet while cutting out acidic food (coffee, soft drinks, processed foods, dairy etc) will also help make a difference.

If you’d like some more information I recommend this book as a reference: The Acid-Alkaline Diet for Optimum Health: Restore Your Health by Creating pH Balance in Your Diet