What is Orgonite….


Orgonite, is based on William Reich’s research back in the 1930’s, whereby he identifies the energy that surrounds everything as Orgone. And made many inventions to enhance this energy to heal and boost one’s own energies and create a healthier environment, at the time he was prosecuted and much of his work destroyed. Luckily some has survived and is being confirmed today by modern science.

Orgonite which is made of 50% organic, and 50% inorganic material, is said to create negative ions in the air which then negate negative energies.  Hence blocking out negative energies such as cell phone/ tower/ TV radiation, EMF’s and so forth.

Whether one believes in the Orgone energy or not is up to you – I like the energy that Orgonite, and the crystals holds and sends into the world. That in turn supports the growth of our own expanding and evolving energies. I’ve been making pieces for myself and recently also for my shop, and like the lovely industrial rough yet strong feminine feel and look they have which makes them a unique piece of jewellery – truly one of a kind.

The last pieces have SOLD out, however more are on the way.

Lady's harmony, orgonite necklace

Moonstone, Quartz, and Rose Quartz Orgonite