Why I make my own Body Oils & Ointments:

Comfrey Body OilFirst, let me ask you a question; would you drink petroleum??

Well, when I heard this question for the first time, my answer was an obvious NO. The question shocked me so much that I went and checked all my “all natural’ cocoa butter, and was shocked at the ingredients, it was a product I’d been happily using for years in the misguided believe I was using something good for me.  I know the skin is the largest organ of our body, and I’ve always known that it is important what we use on it.

And there to my shock were many ingredients that I didn’t recognise, and amongst them was also petroleum.

Petroleum is of course a dream come true for many beauty companies that are solely in the business to make money; not only is it a cheap by-product from the oil industry, it also like sugar makes you eat more to a company that sells food and wants to sell more, it’s a product that initially makes the skin feel moisturised, yet as it seals off the skin which means the skin doesn’t get to breath and hence it will eventually dry out and cause pre-mature ageing.  Do you know anyone addicted to lip balm, sadly it’s also overly used and is Vaseline, rosebud salve and paw paw ointment.

As I studied and learnt more, I realised I’d been duped, and started making my own body oil or ointments so that I could really see what was going in them. I’ve tried a wide variety of oils, however also learnt after investigations that some sadly were also just cheap by-products and not all as healthy as their markcomfrey_oileteers would have us believe.

So after some hit and misses, I’ve settled on organic sunflower/ safflower (and I used it infused with my own comfrey magic mix of herbs), organic coconut oil which naturally is protective of skin against UV rays, and is super moisturising as well as a few drops of Grapefruit essential oils, which not only smells delicious, it’s refreshing and is great for skin and cellulite.

Sometimes to live consciously takes a bit of study, learning from mistakes, and some effort – however in comparison to my own peace of mind, and velvety happy healthy skin it is more than well worth the effort.

I’d suggest you make some of your own, of if you’d like to try mine sometime, you can find it in my own shop under Comfrey Body Oil, click names to follow links.

P.s. and really I am a bit selfish, I’d like my body and the planet to be as healthy and able bodied as long as possible, I believe quality is as important as quantity. To do this we need to look after what we have, after all we only have one body/ planet – and it, she, we deserve looking after ;)