Top ten things to bring on a Pilgrimage/ Hike

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Whether you are about to walk the Camino de Santiago, Appalachian Trail or do a local hike, you need to be prepared. And you know what it’s like, you’re
about to set off on the trip of a lifetime, and you have your must have list of what to take – there is the passport, ticket toothbrush – however there are always the hidden, last minute items that you are likely to forget and will wish you hadn’t, here’s my top #10 list:

  1. Good broken in pair of Shoes (be in hiking boots or hiking sandals – whatever works for you and that you’ve already walked in for hours or days without getting blisters)
  2. Walking stick – a good one, buy or find one on route as soon as
  3. A good Backpack, while this sounds like a given, trust me, some weigh a ton even when empty or if you get one too big you are likely to fill it, so it’s a fine balance to find the one for you.
  4. Water filter bottle (gentoo is my favourite  – filters it well enough to make tap water digestible almost anywhere, so you can refill on route. Boil water first in some countries, then cool and add to bottle, trick I used in Thailand where I drank only tap water)
  5. Real Woollen Thermals; nights and mornings can get cold and its must easier, smaller to take than jumpers, real wool will also wick sweat away from

    Ready to go…

    your body or keep rain out.

  6. Rain poncho; it is likely to rain, somewhere, sometime, and somehow be prepared.
  7. Earplugs; not every night is a blissful one, so be prepared to pull out and use as needed.
  8. All purpose Ointment/ Salve; blisters, cuts, scrapes, bruises, aching muscles, dry lips – skin, are all but a few things that come up when you’re on the road all day, having something that works to deal with them is staple – I of course use my own Wayfarers Magic Comfrey Ointment.
  9. A few band-aids, you just never know.
  10.  A positive attitude and some self worth; it’s not a competition – you don’t need to be the fastest, best or fittest.  Enjoy, stop and smell the flowers, be present.
Comfrey ointment

Wayfarer’s Magic

And be sure to leave; your troubles, your worries and your every day life. Just writing this list makes me hit the road.  Anything I missed that you would add to my list???

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