Not sure if you’ve noticed, I don’t do commercial celebrations in any which way – No Christmas, Easter, valentines or any other day that encourages us to buy something.

I also don’t do mother’s day, really we should celebrate our mothers every day. Yet, all this fuss had me asking myself what had I done lately – to celebrate or give gratitude for my Mum? hmmmm….  ok, probably not a lot, or nowhere near enough.

Isn’t Mothers Day Every Day?

So, I’ve decided to make an exception, and whip into a belated action by creating a special offer in gratitude to my mother.

ineke (aka Mamita)

I have to admit (despite, the fact I may never live it down), that my mum is one of my biggest inspirations.

She’s an incredibly talented artist ( I have no idea why she’s not hanging in the National Gallery – if the National Gallery is reading this, perhaps they can let me know?), and a perpetual traveller, who travels for 18 months at a time with the smallest backpack in the world, through the wildest untamed places.

Her courage to follow her dreams despite any fears and always follow her heart – hence her studio name ‘Red HeART Studio’, is without a doubt the best kind of role model any girl can have.

Even, my current version of my best-selling Comfrey Ointment: Wayfarers Magic – was inspired by my mum and wouldn’t be what it was today without her.

Comfrey ointment

Wayfarer’s Magic

When I first discovered the Magic of Comfrey I wanted to find the ideal herbal blend to help to address her arthritis. As I couldn’t imagine a day where she’d not to paint, create or travel.  So each ingredient is specially selected to provide relief and healing for just that.

Of course, she is also one of my biggest supporters and users of my Wayfarer’s Magic: Comfrey Ointment, and yes, she has a limitless lifetime supply.

Special offer for Mothers throughout Australia

So in ode to my mum, her sacrifices, support, my appreciation and my gratitude for all that she is.

The Girl

And in gratitude for all Mothers. I’m partnering with her to offer a Special Mothers Day Package, that includes: Wayfarers Magic Ointment, Body Oil and Face Oil with a Free A4 Print of ‘The Girl’ pastel drawing,  from now until the end of May.

Offer only available for Shipping within Australia –

A big fat THANK YOU Mamita – for being Magic + You!!!! xxxx

My Mum: Ineke van den Hout’s website

Selected prints and artwork are also available via RedBubble

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